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Does a hard hat have an expiration date?

There is an expiration date on every hard hat (also known as a maximum lifespan). Hard hats can only be worn until this date, which was determined by the manufacturer.  

If you look at the label on your hard hat, you will notice that there are two numbers. The first number refers to the year that the manufacturer guarantees their product’s safety. The second number refers to the year that they recommend replacing the hat (even though it may still be safe).

These recommendations are based on the fact that after several years, the material used in constructing hard hats can become brittle and not as effective as they once were. It is important to note that this does not mean your hat will stop working immediately after passing its recommended replacement date, but it may not provide as much protection against falling objects as it did when it was new.

Where to find the hard hat expiry date?

The hard hat’s expiry date is usually found on the inside of the brim and is often stamped into a metal plate. If it’s not visible, try removing the suspension and looking for it there. If your hard hat does not have an expiry date, you should replace it.

If there is no label or if your hard hat was not manufactured within the last five years, it should be replaced immediately because it does not offer adequate protection from falling objects and could possibly fail during use.

How to check the hard hat expiry date?

Hard hats come with a standard five-year life expectancy. The expiry date of your hard hat can be checked in a few ways.  

First, look at the sticker located on the inside of the helmet. It will state the month and year when it was manufactured. If the month and year on this sticker do not match up with when you bought your helmet, then you need to replace it.

Second, if there is no sticker or other marking inside the helmet, then check the molding date on the outside of the shell itself — this is usually marked somewhere near where your head would rest. This molding date will be similar to an expiry date and should also be replaced after five years have passed since its manufacture date.

An arrow pointing to a number between 1–12 represents the produced month, while the centered number indicates the hard hat’s year of manufacture.  

In the image below, the number in the center reads 19, and the arrow points to 4. This indicates the hard hat was manufactured in April 2019.

hard hat expiry date

Finally, if neither of these methods works for you, then take your hard hat to an authorized safety supplier who can tell you when it was manufactured by looking at its serial number (this is often found on a label attached to one side of the shell).

How long is a hard hat good for?

Most hard hats have a five-year lifespan, but some can last longer. Look for an expiration date on the tag or on the side of the hat’s shell. If you can’t find one, check with your employer to see if they have specific guidelines for replacement.

Some companies require workers to replace their hard hats every year or two, while others allow employees to wear them as long as they’re not damaged and are in good condition. If your company has no hard hat replacement protocol, you should replace yours after five years or when you notice signs of wear and tear.

Hard hat manufacturers recommend replacing any helmet that’s been dropped on the floor or struck by heavy machineries such as a forklift or backhoe. A drop from waist height can cause enough damage to destroy an internal shock absorber or crack plastic components, compromising protection. You should also replace your helmet if it’s been exposed to high heat from welding equipment or other sources of extreme heat and flames (including steam).

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