• Klass Tek 1000 Safety Gloves 4443

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Klass TEK1000 PU grey gloves are made of engineered yarns that incorporate a new cut resistant fibre from Japan, called Tsunooga, Tsunooga is basically a super strong polyethylene fibre (HPPE), developed by Toyobo in Japan. This technology, which has been patented worldwide, yields one of the world's strongest fibres: up to fifteen times stronger than steel and forty percent stronger than aramid fibres on a weight for weight basis. This fibre also has a low density (it floats on water) and high resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV rays and chemicals. Tsunooga fibres offer the highest degree of protection against cuts, combined with low weight and excellent abrasion characteristics. Tsunooga is unaffected by water or detergents and is highly resistant to abrasion, these gloves can be washed and re-used without any loss of cut resistance.

Klass TEK1000 Tsunooga PU Palm Coat Cut Level 4 Safety Gloves 4443 Specifications:

  • Conforms to EN 388:2016
  • Abrasion - 4
  • Cut - 4
  • Tear - 4
  • Puncture - 3
  • EN ISO Cut level D protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Cut Level D Cut Resistance
  • High Abrasion & Tear Resistance
  • Made from Tsunooga strong polyethylene fibre (HPPE)
  • PU Palm Coated

Ideal for use in:

  • Handling sharp metals, blades, knives & glass
  • Glass Handling

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Klass Tek 1000 Safety Gloves 4443

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