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Author: Neil Glastonbury

  • Basics

  • Read Me.

    This Shop is provided & maintained on a local GBCel level to facilitate the workforce in the self-service selection of Uniform, Stationary and more...

    Any queries with product availability or supply email orders@GBCel.shop
    Additions to the shop or issues relating to the site operation should be directed through either the Contact Us page or emailed to admin@GBCel.shop
    Any other issues or comments etc... should be sent to the shop helpdesk

    *Please Do Not under any circumstances contact the IT department as this site is not hosted on the Gratte servers and they have no control over it nor any ability or responsibility to assist you*

  • Who is this site for?

    It's initially for GBCel engineers I'd like to see this rolled out for office staff too. Long term I envisage being able to use a customer facing version to host real kitchen equipment on, from cutlery etc right up to new equipment so they can add their own specifications/requirements to reduce the need for BER form filling. I feel this facility would add another, all be it a minor, thread to the customer experience/buy-in for a minimal investment.
    How do I sign up?

  • Head over to My Account at the top right hand side & in the drop-down select Register. Once registered you'll have to wait for approval before you can login, this is just another security measure to protect the site. See "How do I register" & the Privacy section below. 

  • Can I remove a Review?

    No you'll have to send an email to the site Admin to request removal.

  • How do reviews work?

    Same as any other site and you won't be able to see your review immediately as it will require approval first. It may seem odd to have Review functionality on a closed, non-cost site but it will help in gathering valuable feedback when introducing new Equipment, Uniform or PPE etc...

  • I don't see what I'm looking for here?

    Drop me a line via any of these methods and I'll do my best to get an answer for you:

    Mobile: 07714 826239

    Email: nglastonbury@gratte.com

  • Is there a mobile app?

    No, this is a web based Shop only. There is a mobile friendly theme available but the free ones would consume too much of my time & the paid ones are not warranted at this time.

  • Can I upload files to the site?

    Not at the moment but I'm working on it, though there are of course many other ways to get files to me for inclusion in the Shop.  

  • Can I download files from the site?

    Yes you can download files in the Documents area of the site though these are limited at the moment to just a few manuals concerning equipment & tools usage. If there are other documents you'd like to see here I'd like to know so drop me a line with your ideas.    

  • Account

  • How do I change my password?

    Log in via My Account and where your name is displayed select My Account in the dropdown and on the left hand side will be displayed various account options including "Edit your account details" & "Change your password"

  • How do I delete my account?

    You can not. Your account will be deleted from this site after 2 months of you leaving the company or moving/transfering to another part of the company that does not require the shops usage.

  • How do I change my account settings?

    Log in via My Account and where your name is displayed select My Account in the dropdown and on the left hand side will be displayed various account options including "Change your password" & "Edit you account details".

  • I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

    On the Login page in the Returning Customer box under the Password box look for the Forgotten Password link and follow the prompts. Note: you only have a limited number of attempts to login with the correct details else you'll will be locked out and will have to contact Admin to have your account unlocked.

  • Can I have an invoice for my order?

    Yes but it will only appear in your Order History as a PDF by clicking the PDF button for viewing/download once your order has been completed until then you can view your order at any stage by clicking on the View(eye) button.

  • Privacy

  • Privacy Policy.

    It is important you read & understand the information set out below. This Shop takes Privacy & Security seriously and asks you to do the same. This Shop automatically collects information like IP address & additionally any other details you are asked to provide. However, it is strongly suggested you only enter your full name & email correctly and all other details should be fake!. This is to further reduce exposure to cyber-crime as additional details are not required. There is an option to have deliveries made to your home address upon checkout & if this service should be required it is suggested sending your delivery address or giving permission for it to be released via some other service and noting this in the Comments section at checkout.

  • Can I see the data collected on me?

    If at any point you would like information about what data is help on you in the Shop it will be made available upon written request. On leaving the company all data will be removed in full from the database though paper copies of 'orders' may be kept for reference purposes for some period after termination. Any changes or amendments made to this policy will be announced & re-agreed to through the checkout mechanism. Any queries relating to this privacy statement should be directed to GBCeltechnical@gratte.com with "Privacy Policy" as the subject.

  • How can I access my account data?

    Log in via My Account and where your name is displayed select My Account in the dropdown and on the left hand side will be displayed various account options for other data kept please refer to other topics in the Privacy topic.


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