Privacy Policy

*It is important you read & understand the information set out below. This Shop takes Privacy & Security seriously and asks you to do the same*

This Shop automatically collects information like IP address & additionally any other details you are asked to provide however, it is strongly suggested you only enter your full name & email correctly and all other details should be fake!. This is to further reduce exposure to cyber-crime as additional details are not required.

There is an option to have deliveries made to your home address upon checkout & if this service should be required it is suggested sending your delivery address or giving permission for it to be released via some other service and noting this in the Comments section at checkout. 

If at any point you would like information about what data is help on you in the Shop it will be made available upon written request.

On leaving the company all data will be removed in full from the database though paper copies of 'orders' may be kept for reference purposes for some period after termination.

Any changes or amendments made to this policy will be announced & re-agreed to through the checkout mechanism. 

Any queries relating to this privacy statement should be directed to with "Privacy Policy" as the subject.